Vera Walsh

Vera Cait Walsh

I come from a traditional Catholic family. In my early twenties I met Kevin Jacobsen who became the founder of the Servants of Love Community. I was invited to share my Faith with the young people of Ireland, and in so doing, developed a personal relationship with God. This is a lifetime commitment and I regard myself as a ‘Work in Progress’.

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Role: Author & teacher of Creative Writing, Meditation, Wrap, Onion Bread & Energy Bar Production, Sales

Creative Writing

I run a Creative Writing Workshop once a month and act as a facilitator in encouraging others to express themselves through creative writing.

I believe creative writing is both therapeutic and a fun way of discovering and expressing the ‘hidden child’ within. Perhaps even discover a brilliant writer! 

I am in the process of putting together a book on Creative Writing to encourage others to develop their creative writing skills. In the book I share my experience as a published playwright and short-story teller and all the valuable lessons I've learned over the years.

Saints I love
For my 21st Birthday I was gifted a copy of the Life of St. Catherine of Sienna. My second name is Catherine, so I read about her and was impressed. She was a princess and from childhood, had a special love for God.
She suffered a lot when her husband died, yet continued to trust and depend on God's love for her. So I learned from Catherine that suffering helps us to be close to God.

When I joined the Community I was given a book called 'The Story of a Soul'. Such a wonderful introduction to the life of St. Therese of Lisieux. Her life-story invites us to abandon ourselves to God; to simply believe in how much God loves us. Therese's simple approach to the spiritual life is a great encouragement for me to follow her 'Little Way.'
Most of all I have a love for Mary, our Lady, the Mother of all.