Kevin's Writings

A Prolific Writer & Film Maker

Being inspired and being able to receive and give love have always been huge topics of discussion and inspiration in our community. 
When Kevin discovered the power of the media of films and television he set about writing scripts that could facilitate the message of true love and compassion, and film these.

Special Friendship

While more traditional Catholic communities would discourage special friendship between women and men, Kevin encouraged special friendship and the belief that sexuality can be controlled and celibate for those who commit to loving God and seeing God's goodness in people around them. He quotes Jesus' words on that 'the man who lusts with his eye has already committed a sin' and wrote and spoke a lot about how the persons who reject lust gain innocence and freedom to enjoy intimacy whilst remaining celibate and respectful of one another. Kevin wrote a number of scripts to highlight these issues as he promoted celibacy before marriage and self-control and spirituality in all intimate expressions.