Saints we admire

We call ourselves the Servants of Love and we strive to love wherever we are, whomever we are with and whatever we do.
  • Rather than worrying about food and shelter  and reputation we strive to trust in the providence and love of God.
  • Rather than focusing on flaws and imperfections we strive to focus on beauty and gratitude.
  • Rather than arguing a point we strive to embrace opposing points of view.
  •  These are some of the Saints that inspire us to do so:

St Therese of Lisieux

We admire and try to follow her recommendations in her 'Little Way'. 

  • Rather than earning our way into Heaven, we trust that God will bring us there.

We put our trust in God and strive to make every moment of the day an act of love.

  • Rather than expecting others to serve us, we strive to serve each other and mankind.

  • Rather than making big sacrifices we strive to follow the path of kindness, forgiveness and encouragement.
  • Rather than expecting perfection we strive to embrace learning from failure.

St Francis de Sales

We are inspired by his gentleness and passion for bringing an awareness of God's love to mankind, especially to those who thought God was a punishing and joyless God.

Sr Faustina

We love Sr Faustina for her mental turmoil and anxiety, yet showing courage to be unique and honest and willing to suffer for the betterment of mankind. 

And she brought us a message of mercy.

Saint John of the Cross
We admire his ability to live through the dark night of the soul and rejection, and yet through that access an inner creativity and tenderness towards God, himself and mankind.

Saint Teresa of Avila
We admire her commitment to be true to herself and follow the call of reform - her writings on how we all have an interior sacred castle accessed through silence and trust in a beautiful, peaceful lover.

Saint Francis of Assisi
We love how he brought dignity to poverty when he surrendered all worldly possessions and started to depend thoroughly on a loving and caring God to look after him and support him. How he connected with animals and nature seeing and praising God in them all.

Julian of Norwich

We admire her unwavering trust and saying that 'All is well, all will be well and all was well' and how she lived dedicated to praying for everyone in the world wishing them well.

More Recent Saints - the list goes on, and these are only the known saints. Millions of saints live ordinary lives with extraordinary love. After all a saint is simply a friend of God, a friend of Love.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta
We are inspired by her willingness to follow her calling to a more uncomfortable life with the dying in Calcutta.
And by her willingness to soldier on when her mind was darkened and she didn't feel God was near her any more.

Fr Damian, friend of the lepers

We admire his love and friendship with those who are socially rejected and his willingness to give everything in their service to the point of contracting and dying with leprosy himself.