Seamus Byrne

Brother Seamus

Brother Seamus (Seamus Byrne) is a composer, performer and retreat facilitator who travels internationally giving concerts, retreats, workshops, missions, spiritual reflections, and recitals.

His music is relaxing, prayerful and deeply engaging, inviting the listener to relax and rest in the Presence of Christ.He sings and plays flute to inspire people to love God, his compositions and songs having a deeply relaxing and spiritually inspiring effect.
Music for your Spirit

Brother Seamus’ mission is to encourage people to ‘Be with God’. He draws much on the Christian Spirituality of the Irish Celtic Saints who lived between the 5th and 10th centuries. Their spirituality was practical, earth-friendly and mystical, and is more than suitable for our modern busy world which can be, at times, very stressful.

Br. Seamus Spirituality Videos

Enjoy Seamus' spiritual insight and positive encouragement.

During his performances, Seamus sings and chants in the Celtic style, plays a variety of Celtic and Native American flutes, and plays Bodhrán (Irish hand drum). He speaks about the love of Jesus in a way that is attractive and engaging. His goal is that each person may ‘find’ themself in Christ and be completely fulfilled in that intimate relationship.

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Other Work

Seamus also
  • records and edits Alive Health Support Monthly Talks
  • organises SOL Health Retreats
  • publishes his own CDs & Nature Relaxation DVDs
  • publishes Gabrielle's Guided Meditations & Relaxations
  • provides technical support to people struggling with their ipad, iphone, pc and other technical aids.
  • leads the Friday night meditation
He likes swimming and hiking in beautiful surroundings