These are a taste of our many Health Talks from ALIVE monthly meetings. Our entire selection of these can be found online and in our shop in Wicklow as CDs, DVDs and streaming/downloads

ALIVE Health Talks 
Tim France:
Anxiety and Hypnotherapy

Over the years we have recorded a number of Health Talks and Videos. Most of these talks have been recorded at our ALIVE monthly Health Talk & Meal where various health practitioners share their knowledge and experience around nutrition and healthy living habits.

Eoin Burns: 
The Importance of Good Breathing

Superb presentation with exercises. An abundance of great tips that convince you to close your mouth and nose breathe. Eoin suffered from asthma for many years until he discovered the Buteyko breathing method and became expert in it. This video is compelling help for people who suffer from breathing-related trouble including asthma, breathlessness, snoring, sleep apnoea, and anxiety. A revelation for sports people and anyone wanting to improve their general health.

Ray Lekowski - 

How To Stay Cancer Free

Ray Lekowski experienced prostate cancer some years ago and successfully freed himself from it. Now he lives an energy-filled life and shares with us how he keeps himself healthy, fit and cancer free.


Also available on CD or stream from our Healthy Habits online Store and shop in Wicklow