Other Events

Family event at Black Castle to coincide with Round Ireland Yacht Race in Wicklow

17th,18th, 19th June 2022 

Healthy Habits Store will exhibit at this event selling Living Vegan Food. 

Taste of Wicklow starts off at the Organic Farm, Wicklow town


My passion for food led me to create 'Raw in a Cold Climate'. All the dishes are for an Irish clientele and the ingredients are readily available.

I am the cook in The Servants of Love, a Catholic Community based in Wicklow Town, Ireland,

I decided to create healthy dishes, which led me to creating raw, vegan food. It is fun experimenting with flavours in this cuisine and to make each dish tasty and healthy.

I was head chef of Healthy Habits Cafe serving only raw vegan food. It won an award for best innovative menu by Paolo Tullio. The café closed after 10 years and I began writing 'Raw in a Cold Climate 2'.  

I give classes for The Irish School of Herbal Medicine and for Alive – The Irish Living Foods Association as well as for Healthy Habits