Michaela Avlund

Wellbeing & Happiness

The SOL community gives me the opportunity to develop my awareness of God's love for me and for every person and living creature on this earth.

The study and practice of positive psychology furthers my awareness of our human need to become an increasingly loving people. 

I believe love and goodness is within the reach of everyone of us. When everything else fails let's keep loving.

Growing up in Denmark and Norway gave me an awareness of the need we all have to mind our mental health and wellbeing - especially when my own mother had a mental break-down.

The SOL community encourages my commitment to present evidence based wellbeing skills in whatever way possible: through videos, workshops, online writings, interviews and wellbeing skill programmes.  

My dream is for these skills to become known to all young people in Ireland and beyond as I believe the earlier we access these skills the happier we will be over our life-span. When we are deeply happy we naturally want to learn, to be helpful and discover our purpose in life. 

I am currently approaching secondary schools in Ireland for this purpose.

Feedback from and interview by the Cork Examiner of students who partook in  the Happiness Skills programme in Kilcoole, co Wicklow

View the introduction below and on the 'Wellbeing & Happiness Skills' programmes for Secondary Schools
also on  www.wellbeingskills.me

Books & Videos

Michaela is the author of Happiness Skills based on Positive Psychology which guides a person to develop easily acquired wellbeing habits that many people use in their everyday lives in order to remain well and happy.

A programme of these have been developed for Secondary Schools. It is currently being offered right around the country. 

Michaela informs and trains teacher in this programme in Teacher Education Centres in Ireland.

Below a short interview on TV3 with Michaela Avlund on Happiness Skills

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