Gabrielle Kirby       Shop, Guided Meditation, Books, Cards, Health Holidays, Zumba exercise
Seamus Byrne       Music, Health, Relaxation and Spirituality CDs & DVDs, Health Holidays, Meditation
Veronica O'Reilly    Living Food Network & Classes, Sales of Relaxation and Inspirational CDs, books, pictures & cards
Paul Diamond         Sprouting, Health Support,  Wrap & Onion Bread Production,  Maintenance

Vera Walsh              Creative Writing, Wrap, Onion Bread & Energy Bars Production, Meditation

Michaela Avlund     Wellbeing & Happiness Skills programme producer, shop, nuts & seeds, accounts 

Bernard Kirby          Health Coach, Builder, Researcher, Speaker

Maura Power          Accounts & Sales of Health Products, CD and DVD Production, Wrap & Onion Bread Production