Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation are hugely beneficial to our physical, mental and emotional health. On this page we will give you a taste of our meditation and relaxation CDs and DVDsIn addition some positive affirmation videos below.

Meditate with us

Every Friday evening at 8pm we meditate for 30 minutes with some of Seamus's soothing relaxation music followed by a cup of tea/coffee for those who have the time. All are welcome at our SOL premises

Free of charge

Here you see some of the titles of Seamus Byrne's popular CDs which are used in retreat centres, by leaders and therapists and for personal relaxation and mindfulness. 

Listen to his various tracks on brotherseamus.ie

Meditation and Relaxation activate the feel good hormones of dopamine and serotonin which activate and build up our immune system. 

Also meditation can bring us into an experience of the presence of a loving and caring creator.

The Healer

The Healer is still the best-seller! People tell us they have ‘worn out the CD’ when they want to buy a new one.

The music is designed to be ‘meditative and inspiring’, but it’s used for everything! - relaxation, energising, sleep, inspiration, therapies... 

When Seamus first composed the theme, using the sounds of Pan Pipes, Harp, Flute and Warm Strings, a friend of his said ‘You should add the sound of the sea to that recording.’ 

Seamus recorded the heavy waves crashing on the shore near our home in Wicklow Town (Ireland) and mixed in the sea sounds- and what a treat!

A sample of Seamus' prayerful and reflective music:

See below for Guided Meditations supported by Seamus Byrne's meditative, relaxing and inspiring music.

Guided Meditation and Relaxation

These inspiring and helpful meditations and relaxations guided by Gabrielle Kirby are accompanied by Seamus' music and nature sounds.

Reflective Books by Gabrielle

Please find some lovely spiritual reflection books on Gabrielle's website and in our store (+353 404 68645)

Guided wisdom

Further guided meditations/ reflections/ words of wisdom intermingled with Seamus Byrne's calming and inspiring music 

Below we share some short Wellbeing DVDs affirmation and meditation videos by Michaela Avlund

These short videos/affirmations are part of the Wellbeing & Happiness Skills programme for Secondary Schools