Vow of the Positive

Seeing God's goodness

As well as promises of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, the sisters and brothers of the Servants of Love make a special vow of Seeing the goodness of God in all things

We are devoted to perceiving and humbly accepting God's Love operating in and through all things. 

Without condoning anything evil, we praise God for His wisdom and power in bringing good out of what to many is a stumbling block - the Cross. 

We cultivate an attitude of simplicity and love under difficult circumstances.

We believe that war, social turmoil, personal difficulties and interrelationship conflict could be solved by people having a loving attitude to the ever-active goodness of God which always works for our individual and collective good. 

The ways of God are not always our ways... The Servants of Love feel a special calling to promote devotion to The Goodness of God.

We believe every person on this earth is called to become a loving, lovable suitable citizen for heaven where only those transformed into love will feel truly at home.