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The Servants of Love
Spirituality and Lifestyle


The Servants of Love is a self-supporting community of men and women whose lives are dedicated to following the teachings of Jesus Christ as set forth in the Gospels and as interpreted by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Spirituality of the community is to fulfill the Commandments of God to serve Love, as expressed by Jesus in...

The 1st Commandment: to love God with all one's heart, soul, mind and strength.
The 2nd Commandment: to love one's Neighbour as Oneself.

On both these commandments depend the law and the prophets.

So we are to love God, our Neighbour and Ourself. How are we to do this?

In accordance with the New Commandment: Love one another as I have loved you.

Imitation of Jesus' Love

The community's expression of the Imitation of Jesus' Love is twofold - Contemplative and Active.


We take to heart the words of Jesus, 'Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be given to you'; 'Mary has chosen the better part'; and, 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within'. Also the Gospel comment about the Mother of God, 'She pondered all these things in her heart'. These words inspire us to be reflective people, striving to live always in the Presence of God, to listen to the whispers of His Word that we may carry out His Will. And they inspire us to spend time alone with God in meditation and silence so as to become One with Him in the peace and happiness that only He can give.


He taught in the synagogues and public places. He preached, healed and did all kinds of good works. And He exhorted us to 'Go, teach all nations'. So, we imitate and obey Him by striving to bring the light of His Word and the example of His Life to the world. To assist in this, we wear a simple blue habit in honour of Our Lady as an outward sign of commitment.

Special Charism

As well as promises of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, the sisters and brothers of the Servants of Love make a special vow of Seeing the Goodness of God in all things. We are devoted to perceiving and humbly accepting God's Love operating in and through all things. Without condoning anything evil, we praise God for His ineffable wisdom and power in bringing good out of what to many is a stumbling block - the Cross. This teaches us an attitude of simplicity, meekness and love for God under difficult circumstances. As Jesus said, 'Learn of me, for I am meek and humble of heart'.

In today's world, many seem to falter in their faith on this point. Much war, social turmoil and interrelationship strife, as well as personal difficulties, could be solved by people having a loving attitude to the ever-active Goodness of God which always works for our individual and collective good. The ways of God are not always our ways... The Servants of Love feel a special calling to promote devotion to The Goodness of God.

Missionary Charism - the Media

The community understands the invaluable role of the media as a tool for promoting awareness of God's Goodness and Christian values in general, and therefore the members involve themselves, according to each person's gifts, talents and interests, in media work in the professional capacity of actors, musicians, singers, TV and Audio engineers and artists, writers, etc. We put special emphasis on finetuning our creative abilities, not only to artistic excellence, but, more importantly, to the movements of the Holy Spirit so that each person may be a powerful instrument for the Lord. Through this approach we hope to do the most good to the most amount of people.

Daily Routine

  • The community rises at 6.30am for Morning Prayer and to sing the Psalms. Our procedure is simple at present consisting of an Offering of Oneself to God for the day and a 'numerical' approach to the Psalter (we start at #1 and, after a few weeks, arrive at #150. Then, start again.).
  • Meditation for 30 minutes precedes...
  • Attending Mass in the local parish church at 8.00am.
  • The Blessed Eucharist is central to the life and spiritual nourishment of the community.
  • Breakfast at 8.45am almost always includes a spiritual topic for open discussion. By this we hope to share what is in our hearts and minds around a particular subject, the purpose being to help us live more closely in union with God and more virtuously with each other. We try to keep our discussions positive and constructive to assist the Holy Spirit's 'gentle' inspiration.
  • Work until 1.00pm. Members are free to take a teabreak around 11.00am.
  • During the midday meal we again discuss a spiritual topic for a little while. We also chat about how the day's work is going. We try to keep our diet as healthy as possible, and, although there is some light cooking, it tends to be mostly a raw plant-food based diet.
  • Siesta around 1.30pm for those who wish to take a 15 minute rest, then...
  • Prayers, Chapter of Faults and Psalms at 1.45pm. At the Chapter of Faults, one person asks the community for some positive guidelines to help in overcoming the difficulties in her of his personality. The other members are also free to report the transgressions of that person, or any other member, at this time. This may sound antiquated, but the process is quite positive and enables each person to become strong in themself while having the support of the community in overcoming their faults. We have found it to be enormously beneficial in keeping the community both charitable and disciplined. (Every day, in rotation, each member asks for this 'charity' of the community).
  • Work until 6.00pm, with an optional teabreak around 3.30pm
  • After the evening meal, which is a social, conversational gathering, there is
  • Meditation at approx. 6.30pm for 15 minutes.
  • During the Evening Recreation members are free to pursue their own creative or recreational interests. Television is available. Walks. Visiting friends in the town. Etc. All in the spirit of charity and within the 'obedience' of the community. Permission must be sought to attend certain events some distance away or which involve payment, as all funds and means of transport are held in common possession according to our promise of poverty.
  • 10.20pm. Psalms are sung and Night Prayer is said. A Magnificat to Our Lady is also sung. An opportunity is also here to confess a personal transgression or lack of charity, if any member feels she or he would like to do so.
  • Silence at 10.30pm as the men and women go to their respective dormitories on different floors in the compound. In keeping with our poverty, the members sleep in their habits.
  • At 1.00am, all rise for a 20 minute period of community prayer to pray the Rosary (five decades) and to sing a short Psalm.
  • All rise for the day at 6.30am.

Government, Election of Superior, etc.

Every year, on the 25th March, Feast of the Annunciation, the community elects a superior or moderator for the year. This person has the power of 'final say' in the democratic decision-making of the community. To balance out the needs of both male and female members, another person is also elected, an assistant moderator, necessarily of opposite sex to the first. Both these members are chosen to look after the good of the community.

The Community Council is normally convened to discuss matters of serious import. Matters of 'lesser' import may be decided upon by the moderator and assistant moderator together or individually.

Devotion to Mary and the Blessed Eucharist

As well as the Imitation of Jesus in His Poverty (to have as possession only what is absolutely necessary), Chastity (all the members are committed to celibacy) and Obedience (to the Church and to the rules of the Community), the Servants of Love have a childlike love and devotion to Mary as our Mother and Mediatrix of Graces. To this end we consecrate ourselves to her, each year, by renewing The True Devotion to The Blessed Virgin (St. Louis Marie de Montfort). Though not a charism exclusive to the Servants of Love, love for Mary is viewed by the Servants as a very important part of our Imitation of Jesus, second only to love for Jesus Himself in the Blessed Eucharist, the Mystical Centre around which the whole spiritual life of the community revolves.