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Our Founder

The Servants of Love try to spread the news of the Goodness of God.

This is our primary aim and function and, to this end, the members make a yearly Promise to Appreciate the Goodness of God in all things and at all times.

It can be an exacting promise, but it helps the members live positive, healthy and charitable lives in community and in the world.

To live a holy and wholesome life, to enjoy the ever-abundant gifts of God, to appreciate His Goodness, even in the events that may seem very difficult... this is the message and lifestyle we promote and encourage people to practice.

To live this way empowers a person to be able to receive all the goodness that God wishes to bestow.

And He wishes to bestow much!


Vera Walsh
Interview with Vera on Radio Kerry 2012
Job Responsibility:  Managing the community's finances. Presently working with new computer software to compile accounts and make the job easy, and have more creative time.

Visit Vera's blog two people in a boat

Personal Interests:  Promoting true love through plays and writing for magazines.  Walking, cycling and swimming. Being out in nature.

Current Projects:  Sharing my Spiritual thoughts with the world. New play and studying drama.

Why I am in the community:  I come from a strong Catholic family. Yet, in meeting with Kevin I was awakened to a deeper friendship with God. I love the friendship that exists within the community.



Interview with Bernard on
o Kerry 2012

Personal Interests:  Assisting People in their Quest for Health

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Why I am in the community:  The community, for me, provides a great inspiration and encouragement to live my life according to the high ideals of the saints of the past, particularly St. Therese and St. Francis de Sales.


Gabrielle Kirby, our current Leader
Gabrielle Kirby
Interview with Gabrielle on Radio Kerry 2012

Job Responsibility:  MODERATOR (person in charge)
I love being inspired and inspiring others to be the best and happiest they can be - in mind, body and spirit.

Personal Interests:  Writing, photography, filming, swimming, travelling, communication skills, health challanges and how to address them.

Current Projects: 
Bringing out new version of my book 'Reflections'. 
Organising Health Shows and Retreat/Holidays at home and abroad.
Promoting my CD's, DVD's and Books. 
Keeping up-to-date with the latest health products for our Store.
Writing two books, one on our founder, Kevin Jacobsen, the other on my continued health journey.

Why I am in the community: I love being in the community because of the constant exchange of encouragement, positive energy and love. Community living is a great source of inspiration, always pushing back the horizons in the continual search for the divine.   


Paul Diamond, the Sprout Man
Paul Diamond
Interview with Paul on Radio Kerry 2012

Job Responsibility:  Sprout man. Developing and making sprouting easy to improve our health and well-being as well as educating people who are interested in eating more enzyme enriched foods. Maintenance of the building and vehicles.

   Pauls Sprouted mung beansVisit Paul's Sprouting Demonstration Events

Personal Interests:  Still photography. Studying films.

Current Projects:  Putting together a PowerPoint Presentation on how to sprout and grow wheatgrass. Learning how to use the new digital still camera and computer software to create great pictures.

Why I am in the community:  I love living with other people and I find the community philosophy on being positive especially fulfilling.


Maura Power pondering in our camperbus
Maura Power
Interview with Maure on Radio Kerry 2012

Why I am in the community:
I met the community over 30 years ago and I was very inspired by the commitment all the members had in wanting to live out the gospel ideals. I experienced a strong calling to be part of it and to love and serve God and my neighbour in community life. Thirty years on I still feel the same and I'm here for the same reasons.
Personal Interests:
I'm very interested in health and maintaining a good diet with proper nutrition. I like to keep fit by swimming and hiking and I do yoga a few times a week.  I also like acting and writing. I love a bit of diy in my spare time.
Job Responsibility: 
I look after cd/dvd print and duplication. Recently I'm helping doing the office accounts. I'm part of the team that makes the organic wraps for the cafe.
Current Project:
I'm painting a 25ft wall high wall in our premises that has needed doing for 10 years!  I'm also planning to make new shelves in the cd production room.


Kevin's favourite saying: 'Happy am I'
Kevin Jacobsen
Kevin Jacobsen our much loved Founder and Leader over 37 years passed on to A Better Life after having contributed enormously to the spirituality and creativity of the Servants of Love.

These are Kevin's past interests
The spiritual welfare of the community. As the chief moderator, ensuring things stay on track. Experimenting with and developing natural, healthy food products to help prevent and eliminate disease.

Personal Interests:  Health foods and designing machinery to produce same.  Watching enriching good movies.

Projects:  Developing really tasty and eye-catching cakes to help people on their journey to a more nutritious and healthy diet.

Why he loved the community:  I find the community gives me the strength to persevere in any undertaking, e.g. film-making, overcoming a weakness or establishing a good habit. We are not afraid because we have each other's support.  I love the friendship and social aspect of the community - I'm never alone and I find the community helps me believe I am a good person.

For more information on Kevin's spirituality and life watch out for upcoming blogs which will be linked from here.


Michaela Avlund
Interview with Michaela on Radio Kerry 2012

My latest website:
Happiness Skills

Want to sign up for my Positive Psychology Course or Holiday?
Michaela's Self Healing ReflectionsMy Reflections and  Creative Aloneness Reflection on YouTube  My Positive Psychology Website

Job Responsibility:
  Making Educational DVDs on Self-Confidence, Relationships and Positive Mental Health.  Updating of community website and phone system, part time manager and worker in Healthy Habits Store. Housekeeping duties (I love hovering) and shopping (I love getting 'healthy' bargains).

Personal Interests:  The spiritual life. Connecting with nature. Hillwalking. Cycling. Film making. The art of relationships. Positive Mental Health.

Current Projects:  After completing a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology at UEL, London I'm now writing a book on how to implement Positive Psychology and particularly Self-Compassion into education and ordinary living. 
Why I am in the community:  The community inspires and encourages me to become more true to my calling to live in awe of all things created. It teaches me to embrace and transform my darker corners, to access and channel beauty through writing and film-making and to love myself, God and others unconditionally. Watch my Reflections on YouTube or read my bi-weekly reflection on my website:

Michaela's Self Healing Reflections The Opening Heart    and     Creative Aloneness Reflection on YouTube  Creative Aloneness

YouTube Positive Psychology:
Michaela's Self Healing Reflections Sample of Final version 



Seamus Byrne

Check out Seamus Website and Music   Seamus playing the flute

Personal Interests
I love Swimming and Hill-Walking. Very interested in improving my 'performance health', for example I'm doing eye-exercises at the moment because my near-vision is now getting a bit blurrier.  It's improving!!  
Job Responsibility
Composing music and Editing Video. It's all High Definition now!  One never stops having to learn the latest technology.
Current Projects
Editing Gabrielle Kirby's book - 'The Gift of Illness'. Composing music for Michaela Avlund's next DVD meditation project -The Opening Heart!!.
I'll be performing at the Multifestival David christian music festival in Benicassim, Spain. 
Why I am in the community
I want to love God as much as possible. It's a big help being with people who are dedicated to the same principles as myself, and their different personalities and gifts make up for my own lacks in lots of areas.



Veronica O'Reilly

Interview with Veronica on Radio Kerry 2012

Job Responsibility: Vegan living food preparation and course facilitator. Art and Design. Marketing the products of the community such as CDs, DVDs, books, etc. 

Food demo in the RDS Link to Veronica's Raw in a Cold Climate CLASSES

                 Link to the Alive Raw Food Support Group

Personal Interests:  Reading. Drawing and painting. Helping people fulfill their creative dreams.

Current Projects: Healthfood cuisine - preparation and presentation.

Why I am in the community:  One of 5 children, I grew up in Dublin's inner city. I became a civil servant and, while working at that occupation, met the community and became interested in giving my life totally to God.

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