Committed to Healing the World

Committed to producing art and entertainment in a way that enriches peoples' lives and helps them in their search for God and Truth, we carefully write, design and create programs we hope will touch viewers and listeners with healing, hope and love.
Music for Wellbeing, Inspiration
and Restfulness
Among the many CDs and Cassettes in this very helpful range is the popular composition The Healer, now a classic in the genre of relaxation/meditation music.  This work comes from composer Seamus Byrne who is also a Celtic singer, flautist and international performer.

Guided Relaxation Programs
Gabrielle Kirby produced Let's Relax in 1993 and became a writer, presenter and producer of highly regarded programs for self-help and self-empowerment.  She gives workshops in Relaxation Techniques
and Spirituality.

Inspirational Drama and
Documentary Videos

Titles include Glendalough - A Mystical Journey, an enchanting
26 min. film about the famous Celtic monastic site and its founder,
St. Kevin.
Michaela Avlund's Relationships programs are used extensively as a guide to help young people cope with this difficult aspect of growing up.

Nature Sounds, Art Cards and Photographs
The community produces a range of other healing aids such as Nature Sound recordings, Beautiful Scenery postcards and Art cards for special occasions.






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